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how sick would it have been if, when Kagome pulled Tessaiga from Inupapa’s bones, it had actually been meant for her? Like, the human destined for his son, to be his equal and keep him grounded when his demon blood became too strong? Just imagine Kagome, walking around with this rusty little katanna at her side, being protected by all her friends, and when someone starts shit she just laugh and pulls out THIS GIANT ASS FUCKING FANG

how sick would it have been? hella sick

Nome: Burn This City.
Artista: Cartel.
2879 plays.
A conversation with my British boyfriend
  • Me: Here, I didn't get my currency exchanged so here is some American money.
  • Connor: Oooh!
  • Me: These are state quarters - here's an Oregon, this one's an Idaho, and this is South Dakota.
  • Connor: Can you use them in the other states, too?
  • Me:
  • Connor:
  • Me:
  • Connor:
  • Me: Yes.